Reminiscences of the North-West Rebellions

By Major Charles A. Boulton
Commanding Boulton's Scouts
Toronto:  1886

Major Boulton was my grandfather's cousin and was the person who persuaded my grandfather to move to Russell, Manitoba (see "Beaconsfield to Russell") in 1882.


Chapter 1            Raising of The 100th Regiment

Chapter 2            Canada's Acquisition of the North-West

Chapter 3            Riel Blocks The Way

Chapter 4            Riel In The Ascendant

Chapter 5            The Plot Thickens

Chapter 6            The Drama of the Rebellion

Chapter 7            The Overtures For Peace

Chapter 8            Riel's Second Rebellion

Chapter 9            Duck Lake

Chapter 10          The Canadian Militia

Chapter 11          General Middleton's Advance

Chapter 12          Fish Creek

Chapter 13          The Advance On Batoche

Chapter 14          Batoche Captured

Chapter 15          Colonel Otter's Column

Chapter 16          General Strange's Column

Chapter 17          The Pursuit of Big Bear

Chapter 18          The Return of The Troops

Chapter 19          The Executions

Chapter 20          Social And Political Life Of The People